We arose out of an instinctive need to be on the move!

Several guys from Poznań decided to gather a team to play volleyball together. The idea developed so much that soon we have created different advancement groups and classes under the supervision of trainers.

Now, in addition to playing volleyball, we ride bikes together and play squash, and above all, we create a Rainbow Club, where you can spend time actively and safely together.


On Mondays, we organize games and trainings of indoor volleyball. There is a squash section on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays we have integrative indoor volleyball. And on Fridays, we exercise joga and stretching, we play table tennis and we have trainings and games of indoor volleyball. It is also a day of inviting new people to play. During summer we organize other activities on weekends!


To join us, write a message on Facebook! We speak English!